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Martin "Chip" Tolen, Jr., MSW, PSW 1056(FL)


Mr. Martin J. “Chip” Tolen, Jr. has recently expanded his psychotherapy practice to the South-West Florida and has collaborated his proven interventions with Ms. Edita H. Kulichova, MS, LMFT (Licensed Marriage/ Family Therapist) and owner of the Revive Family Counseling, L.L.C. in Fort Myers, Florida.  This newly formed union should prove to be very effective and provide resourceful interventions for individuals, couples, and families that may be in need of assistance or guidance in dealing with issues or situations that life may present. 

Mr. Tolen brings with him over 42 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families using compassionate and non-judgmental counseling.  As each individual, couple, or family unit is different, the treatment approach is personalized to meet each client’s situation providing a safe, non-threatening environment to work through and improve life situations.

Mr. Tolen’s formal education includes an earning Associates, Bachelors, and Master’s degrees in the areas of Law Enforcement/Justice, Educational Supervision / Educational Administration, and Social Work.  He has worked as a School Social Worker, Residential Supervisor, Program Manager for Child Study Teams, Supervisor of Special Education and Special Services, Education Building Representative, Consulting School Social Worker, and Independent Private Psychotherapist.

Mr. Tolen’s traditional training and blending of holistic-orientation helps formulate therapeutic treatment plans and goals.  The traditional approaches (Behavior-Cognitive Therapy, Solution-Focused Based, and Family System) combined with a holistic approach (educating and teaching balance of one’s Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Domains) have proven to have help thousands of individuals and families through the years.  He has coined an effective therapeutic approach “Kaleidoscope Therapy” which has proven to help individuals learn different methods to view, reflect, and gain different perceptions on often the same issues and problems that many have faced throughout their lives. As Einstein stated Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.” Simply stated – if your behaviors, reactions, or thoughts are not working …. why do the same thing – let’s look at the same situation in another way by tweaking our sights, and find another solution that will work.