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How to Re-align Your Life When It Feels OFF Balance!


I am sitting at a dealership getting an oil change minding my own business, working on some progress notes. A few minutes later, I get approached by the technician who says: “Would you mind coming with me to look at something?”. So I pack up my stuff and reluctantly go with him. I am thinking “great, they are gonna try to convince me to spend more money on something I don’t really need”. So I am walking with him and he has my car lifted up and starts showing me my tires. He says: “You see this part, it indicates that your tires are not aligned properly”. So, I listened, still not convinced he is trying to help me, and I started asking questions explaining my thought process. The technician was not pushy as I would have expected and helpful in answering my questions, so I was able to make a rational decision to “re-align” my tires.


Imagine this to be your life. What if there are times that our lives need to be re-aligned. What if we were able to take a step back and look at what in our lives is not as it should be and with a little “tune up”, our life will “ride as new”.


As I returned to the waiting room, I started thinking about how to make this situation relatable to You. You who is feeling as if something is off. Something not quite right. Something feels off balance. Sure, you could keep going forward and moving along with the same “tires” and not really notice it until something major happens. Until You have to buy four new tires because the ones you have chosen not to re-align at the time you had the chance, have worn off and now you are having to spend 4 times as much money as you would have spent if you had just listened to your first instinct to re-align them. Don’t let that become your life.


What to do? Here are some tips to try.


  1. Listen to your intuition (that gut feeling you get) when you feel something in your life is off and make changes that feel right to You

  2. DO NOT self-diagnose yourself as depressed or crazy or any other “google diagnosis” you might find. If you feel as if you might have a “diagnosis”, reach out to a professional for help.

  3. Be open to small changes that will make you feel good. Do more of what feels good.

  4. Make a list of hobbies or activities that you have neglected or put aside due to other responsibilities

  5. Eat healthy and exercise moderately

  6. Take time for yourself and make yourself a priority once in a while

  7. Remember that prevention is better than intervention

  8. Allow yourself to engage in positive self-talk

  9. Be your best friend

  10. Fill in the blank- what will make you feel as if your life is back on track? Re-aligned as you would like it to be. If you are having a hard time coming up with answers or are not sure what it is- that is off- that’s totally normal and okay. Take your time and give yourself a break. Write down any ideas that might pop in your mind sporadically. It doesn’t have to flow. It can just be a word, thought, feeling, sentence or a whole page if that is what you need and that is where you are at.


Remember to revive yourself from time to time and work on making it a habit.


If none of the above suggestions work and you are still feeling as if your life is not able to get back to feeling aligned, reach out to a skilled therapist or counselor in your area.  


You have got this!


Breathe. Smile. Revive

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