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How FEAR and ANXIETY once controlled my life and how THERAPY can open the doors to a NEW LIFE

I lost myself throughout the years because I started to believe that there is no better life for me. I started to believe all the belittling words and emotional abuse. I allowed myself to become manipulated into the paralyzing fear of what would happen to me if I left my current situation. I talked myself into accepting my faith- that it is just temporary and it will pass. 


I became anxious, depressed, irritable and had frequent outburst of anger. I cried very often. I was angry with my situation and with myself for my inability to leave. I worried all the time. My self-worth and self-esteem diminished and my confidence suffered. I often wondered what it would be like to not have to feel the pain and break free from my fears. 


The paralyzing fear of the unknown kept winning time and time again.


It wasn't until I was told in therapy to consider medications for depression, which I did not want to take.


Therapy allowed me to process and validate what I already knew deep down inside was true. 


Is this really who I want to be? Is this who I want my children to know me as? This tired, depressed, anxious, emotionally exhausted grumpy person?


Therapy allowed me to learn how to break free from the cycle of fear.


I took on the challenge to make a change and transform my life. It was hard work but it was worth it. 


My life took a turn when I decided there was NO WAY I want that old life anymore.


I now help others who are stuck like I once was to find the new life they so desperately deserve.


If you recognize yourself in this story; if you can relate in anyway; I want to help you face your fears and anxieties.


Whether it's an unhealthy relationship with a spouse, parents, sibling, child or a job, I can help you find YOU- the You that you want to be.


I get that making the first step is difficult and might take some time. I can help you find the strength to set limits to become more independent and less codependent.


I can help you learn to be confident in yourself and love yourself again.


There is so much more out there that you can still live for and enjoy no matter your age. 


Life is not about existing; it's about living to the fullest! 


If you are ready to take the first step towards your transformation, give me a call and let's get started.


My name is Edita and you can reach me at 239-673-0600 or you can visit me at ReviveFamilyCounseling.com or follow me on social media on:

FB @revivefamilycounseling

IG @breathe.smile.revive



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